River Days

Sweater//used to be my Mom's   Dress//Forever 21   Shoes//Target

I've been loving going down to the river the last few weeks and taking pictures.  Everything just seems so green and pretty right now.  I'm also liking the fact that its not too hot yet although, I can't wait for summer;)

Like my last few posts these pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  That seems to be a common trend with all of the posts that I have been posting recently but the truth is I'm really far behind on posting! I'm actually rather okay without that though, I would rather have more to post then nothing to post! Hopefully once this semester ends I will be better at keeping up with the blog and posting more, you never know!


P.S. thanks to my lovely friend Mary for taking these pictures!


Shutter Speed

A week or so ago I was looking outside and knew I had to go get some pictures of the sky before the sun went all the way down.  Something about the clouds and the way that the sky looked.  If you know anything about cameras, the shutter speed is something that is very important to how a picture looks.  I took these with a quicker shutter speed then the lighting called for to get the slightly under exposed affect that a few of the pictures have.  Due to the fact that I didn't have a tripod and that I liked the way the images looked on my camera I decided to keep shooting with the same shutter speed for all of the images to get the look that I wanted the images to have.

Thanks for Reading



Shorts//Target  Sweater//Forever 21  Shirt//Delia's  Shoes//Minnetonkas 

I'm currently in the process of starting my own website, not like blog website (I already have one of those!), I mean a website for specifically my photography.  While this is still just an idea in the works and I have nothing physical yet to show for it, I have been looking around at different photographers and how they have their's laid out.  I like the idea of having my website and then my blog possibly connected to it, or a link to get to my blog from my website. A few of the websites that I have been looking at for inspiration right now have been: A Girl Named LeneyTaylor Noelle KrauseNatalie Allen, and Emily Patton. Those are just a few of the ones that I have looked at recently because if I listed everything we could be here for a little while.  I like how those all have a space for blog posts, and a place for their photography and their work outside of their blog posts.  

Also another thing that I have been considering is changing the name of my blog. I have been thinking about this for awhile now (like months and months I think), and since there is still so much about my blog (and now my website) that I am still working on, I feel like this would be the perfect time go through with that. If I do that of course I will give some warning before I change it instead of just changing it.

In the process of changing things up, I think that I would also like to add in more day to day posts of pictures, maybe a post of pictures I took throughout the week, or even pictures from day trips I take, or more pictures of trips in general that I take.  

I was not planning on having this post be this long but that's okay these things happen.

Anyways, on to the outfit! I wasn't actually planning on taking pictures this day with this outfit, it just kinda of happened.  I went with one of my friends, who was filming a project about the pipeline that I am standing on, and because she had her camera, we got some pictures.  This was the first time that I had even been to the Pipeline, I knew that it existed but I had never been there before.  Its always funny when I go someplace new in my town.  I have lived here my whole life, and feel like I have done everything and then sometimes I go a place and its like oh I've never been here before! The Pipeline has been turned into a walkway along the river.  It's not to big, I think its about a mile or less to go down it and back.  The man that my friend was interviewing says that he thinks it is very unique and I would agree! It's defiantly not something you see ever day.  I think that these pictures were taken about a month ago but I'm not sure. I know its been a little while but thats okay too!


*P.S. Thank you to my lovely friend Mary for taking these pictures

P.S.S I can never be serious for too long when getting my picture taken. 


Florida Keys

The beginning of this month I went to the Florida Keys for spring break, specifically Islamorada Florida. While I took the majority pictures on film (which I have yet to develop) I did end up taking just a few pictures on my digital and picking a few of the best ones to go ahead and post.

Speaking of developing film, I'm trying to find a place that will do a good job with my film. I would even be more then willing to send it somewhere.  All of the places here just do a mediocre job, and now I have a few rolls of film that I need to get developed and because I have been putting it off for a while now.

After reading some recommendation from some photographers that I like, I think that I found a place in Utah that I would like to look into some more.  If might like rather silly to send my pictures across the United States to get developed and scanned, but I would rather have a really good job done instead of on that is good but not like oh wow.

If you have any experience with developing film or any suggestions, please let me know cause I would be more then curious!



Snowy Snapshots

Just a few pictures from the first real snow on Sunday:) It didn't really stick to much and it stopped after a few hours but it was enough to make me happy!