Florida Keys

The beginning of this month I went to the Florida Keys for spring break, specifically Islamorada Florida. While I took the majority pictures on film (which I have yet to develop) I did end up taking just a few pictures on my digital and picking a few of the best ones to go ahead and post.

Speaking of developing film, I'm trying to find a place that will do a good job with my film. I would even be more then willing to send it somewhere.  All of the places here just do a mediocre job, and now I have a few rolls of film that I need to get developed and because I have been putting it off for a while now.

After reading some recommendation from some photographers that I like, I think that I found a place in Utah that I would like to look into some more.  If might like rather silly to send my pictures across the United States to get developed and scanned, but I would rather have a really good job done instead of on that is good but not like oh wow.

If you have any experience with developing film or any suggestions, please let me know cause I would be more then curious!


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